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Housetraining Using Dog Training Bells


Bringing home a puppy is one of the most exciting and fun times a family will experience. However, pet ownership is not without its difficulties. One of the first tasks involved with owning a dog is house training, as nobody wants a dog who constantly has accidents in the house. A good way to teach them this essential skill is using dog training bells.

Little One by Sukanto Debnath, on Flickr
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One of the difficulties in potty training a dog is getting them to alert their owner to their needs. A dog may know that they need to go out, but sitting by the back door does no good if the owner is busy in another room. Training bells are a string of bells that the owner hangs on or near the door that will be used to take the dog outside. When the dog feels the need to relieve himself, he simply rings the bells to signal to his owner that he needs to go out.

So how do you teach a dog to use training bells? Fortunately it is surprisingly simple. First, after purchasing a set of dog training bells, they need to be installed. The bells should hang near the door to the outside that the dog will be using. The most common location is on a hook attached to the door jam or frame, however some bells can be hung on the door handle or the door itself. Make sure that the bells hang low enough that the dog can reach with both his paws and his nose. This is especially important for smaller dogs, as the dog cannot ring the bell if he cannot reach it. If the provided hanger is not long enough, it can be extended using a length of string or a shoelace.

Now that the bells are installed, it is time to teach the dog what they mean. Every time the dog is taken out, they should be shown the bells. Use a simple command, such as “Bells” while placing the dog’s paw on the bells and ringing them. Make sure the bell makes some noise every time, even if the dog was unsuccessful at ringing it himself. Once the bells ring and the command is issued, open the door immediately.


By ringing the bells before every trip out, it will only take a few days before the dog begins to make the association between ringing the bell and getting to go outside. If the dog is having trouble ringing the bell himself, a little cheese or other treat can lure the dog into touching the bells with his nose. Praise this and let him out immediately.

Because dogs cannot speak, it can be difficult for a dog to communicate his needs to his owner. By using dog training bells, the dog is given a way to “speak” to his owner and let him know, exactly what he wants. In addition, owners will be able to tell instantly if their dog needs to use the bathroom, even if they are in a different room, simply be hearing the chiming of the bells.